Lil Choices is a non political, non racial and non religious registered organization.
The Organization was created to protect the unborn child of a pre-teen or teenage mother as well as the pregnant mother. The thought process is for these girls to make a choice of their own.

We find ourselves in a Society where more and more children are being abandoned for many reasons, one being that young girls who fall pregnant in some households are abandoned by their families because pregnancy out of wedlock is regarded as shameful.
Many young girls who fall pregnant have to abandon their children or suffer the humiliation of a back street abortion, sometime costing them their lives.  This is because they are left with no choice.

Lil Choices will give these girls the choice of having their baby with dignity and deciding the future of their child.  Either having the baby adopted or keeping their baby

Should they choose adoption, the administration networks with adoption agencies and finding suitable homes for these babies at birth.
Keeping the baby is a little more challenging, as these young ladies will have to be taught a skill in order to find employment and support their baby. The organization is up to this challenge.

Lil Choices and its facilities and activities will form part of the greater community.


All girls attend registered ante-natal clinics.
These girls are registered at the local hospital for the birthing process.
Organization is registered with all the relevant adoptive agencies
Source skill developers - skills like catering, hair dressing and panel beating among others can assist in the fundraising programs of the organization.
Add  new premises for girls wanting to keep their babies(  (2016 – 2017)
Erect a crèche for Lil Choices children as well as community children.  This will form part of the sustainability process.  (2016 -2017)


Project Manager overseeing :
Night Nursing Sister
2 General Assistants (Cooking & Cleaning)
Weekend Relief Coordinator
Managing the Care of the Girls
Maintenance Manager & Driver overseeing :
General Maintenance
Any Ongoing  Developments
Administrative Assistant