lil  Choices For Women & Babies

lil Choices was created to protect the unborn child as well as the pregnant mother. The thought process is for these girls to make informed and educated choices of their own. It is a non-political, non-racial and non-religious, and registered NPO. 


Future plans for the organization

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The face behind the
success of lil Choices

Rae Bagus comes from a family of academics, wore many different hats and was always looking for new challenges. Rae herself is a qualified educator. She says she found herself only short of not working in a butcher shop.

Rae joined the NGO industry where she stayed for 34 years. Here she found her niche. 32 of those years was in the child care arena. She absolutely loved the challenges. Part of her achievements were Boasting as the top corporate fundraiser, mentoring, training over 2000 fundraisers nationally and in the rest of Africa. Making valuable contributions to international forums leading a team of fundraisers

She then spent 2 years at the muscular dystrophy foundation as the acting general manager, and also fundraiser.

lil Choices was a dream that has now become a reality of which Rae is the founder and director. Six years after opening the doors of lil Choices the challenge just get the adrenaline pumping even faster.

There are always new projects and interest to follow and the most recent one is getting a new home for lil Choices.

Our Directors



What we’ve achieveD since we started our journey

With the help of our sponsors, psychologists and adoption agencies we were able to be agents of change, now the women and children will one day get an opportunity to participate in making the world a better place


Babies Rescued


Abused & Displaced Women Housed

Our Events

Boerie braai

Should you wish to support this event, please contact us by the 15 August with your orders. You can phone in your orders to Arshaad on 084 4276 786. If you are unable to reach him telephonically please whatsapp your orders to his number with your contact details.

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