lil Choices has good relationship with various registered Adoption Agencies. lil Choices is thrilled to have developed these alliance and feel that the future of the unborn child is now secured and safe.

Helmut Kutin

Honorary President SOS Kinderdorf International, Austria

For many years Rae Bagus has been working responsibly and with great enthusiasm for SOS Children’s Villages South Africa. She has shown great concern and love for her sisters and brothers in need of help.

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Ann Bown

Sustainability Advisor | Charisma Consulting

After more than 25 years, I am continually impressed with Rae and the work she does with and for young people. She is always highly motivated and ready to get the job done. Over the years she has demonstrated that she really can move mountains and push small hills all at the same time.

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Eileen Kovacs

Director | Workplace Co-Solutions

I have been privileged to work with Rae Bagus for a long time now. Her dedication, determination, hard work and caring shines through in the wonderful work she performs with our youth. Rae has been in the NGO industry for over 30 years and is a kind humanitarian who is passionate about what she does.

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Dr (Mrs) Margaret E.Nkrumah

Board Chair | Association International Schools

In the almost two decades since I first met Rae, three attributes stand out about her: her total professional commitment to any work she undertakes; her personal integrity; and her empathy and compassion for anyone in trouble, be it family or a stranger.

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Coenraad de Beer

Colleague friend | Austria

Rae Bagus is one of the unsung heroes of our beautiful country. She cares deeply about children and young people who have no one to turn to. Using her talents, passion and can-do attitude Rae started lil choices to support young girls who fall pregnant, giving them the choices of having their baby with dignity.

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Eugene A. Absolom

Executive Director | Tiger Brands Foundation

Having known Rae Bagus for the last 28 years and working closely alongside her for 18 years, I can personally vouch for her relentless dedication to the advancement and development of those individuals, communities and causes she has committed herself to. Rae’s untiring endeavors towards social justice and equality in our country is unparalleled.

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