Dr (Mrs) Margaret E.Nkrumah

Board Chair | Association International Schools

In the almost two decades since I first met Rae, three attributes stand out about her: her total professional commitment to any work she undertakes; her personal integrity; and her empathy and compassion for anyone in trouble, be it family or a stranger. The love and care and practical help she gives the young ladies she welcomes into her own home is but one manifestation of this – she always puts the welfare of others before her own. What I admire most about Rae is her positive attitude to life: she believes that there is no problem without a solution, so long as one tries hard enough, and that people are basically good and will help if they can. However, never underestimate the persistence and perseverance with which she somehow turns these beliefs into reality. Add to that her sense of humor and fierce loyalty, and you have a friend without price – I count myself blessed to know her.